The PixelTest

  • Fixed function profiles are making room for fast-changing roles and assignments. Preparing to cope with continuous change requires flexibility of organisations as well as personnel.

  • "The focus lies on the value which the unique talents of your personnel can add to the desired output"

  • "Leadership is changing from a function to a role. Soft skills are delivering hard results: to mobilize people based on their qualities"

  • "Softer criteria are increasingly important in the recruitment and selection of personnel"

  • "Focus on development, customised to the individual and equal treatment of colleagues with various contract forms is essential"

Welcome to the PixelTest

The PixelTest© is an online competence test, which gives quick and easy insight into competences and associated behaviour of an individual in a certain environment. This unique HR-instrument is flexible and applicable to recruitment (selection), matching, staff evaluation and performance management.
The PixelTest maintains the principle that every individual and every organisation is unique.
The PixelTest therefore offers a distinctive instrument that will give a detailed insight into relevant competences of people, the goal being to place the right person in the right function and/or environment.

A unique (tailored) concept which enables you to assign directly from your own portal

This all takes place in an easily accessible, simple manner; the test can be completed online and within 15 minutes. The (HR) manager as well as the candidate directly receive an extensive report by email, with results and explanation of the competences selected by and for them including advice on management and communication, how to avoid the pitfalls and how to further personal growth.

The Pixel Test is a structural aid for:
• Personnel recruitment and selection
• Competence monitor (matching) intended for function profiling
• Securing the core values of your organisation
• Providing insight into group relations and team effectivity
• Reorganisation/culture changes
Measuring and improving personal effectivity

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